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I Belong To The Ones Created For Battle

I belong to the ones created for battle

Because on the frontline, my ego blows bigger

I claim victory when evil appears

Sweeter than pears

There ain't no putting fear in me


I gotta believe

The enemies are fearing me

I fought bears,


Have no scars, No smears

I've cleared galaxies that only know time as nursery rhymes

In a flowing motion that comes of erratic

Learned songs from every planet

I've passed all my trails once I planned it

No panic

I know I'm forgiven

I've put my life on the line through many signs

The equation may have changed, but the answer remained the same

Every time

It's amazing, I'm still here to tell you every line

So excuse me if I feel like I can't die

I know that's all God

It's refreshing to know my testimony a tad twisted

I been going through changes, I'm feeling a little different

I've embrace the wisdom

Can spot it when it's spotless, in the dark I'm beginning to increase in visions

Like vigilantes, more savage than Randy running through their apartment buildings

Start in the middle

Rip apart their heart, snap their spine

Show them what it's like to walk with no feeling

Show them what it's like to live life in all filler

Show them what it's like to repeatedly die and be told to "walk it off"

Don't talk at all

To be commanded what to do, have no clue and still get it done right on time

Its two sides to waking up and falling right in line

I belong to the ones created for battle