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"I'm a shark on land, I'm dying to eat

The ones who ain't bout it, they die in the streets

Blood on cement, its dye in the streets

Cops do a sweep, they diet the streets

The thrill of the hunt still inspires me"

True to the codes, so how can I let my soul bleed

Watching the soul of a brother swim in this pungent puddle of unawareness

No weapon, no motive

Just staring

His eyes wide

Warmed my sight

I know for certain he looked his killer in his eyes

And since now every bullet is being drained out of his thighs

I know he won

My Guy died fearless

The same way he was living

He's not a victim, this was destined


I'm not mourning an exit

I celebrate him reaching perfection

I glorify what he projected

But I won't deny what actually happened

Finally, his pride failed him

He lost to the laws unwritten

The same laws he boldly petitioned

Never took

He just used what was given


Found money helped flipped by a caper

He used that to cater his business nature

Then taught his neighbors

How to expand their acres

With the same lucrative cable

Now they all plugged, passing the truth down like fables

Through mayhem he sewed his sentence

Through city sections he constructed his heaven

Back block after back block painted gold

Every building owned by the same color coat

Main road now labeled "Hope"

I've never seen so much sun around black

One man's dream

A community revolved around that

Dude was cold

Turn ores to powder, cleansed them in showers

And took only what was pure to fill the mold

Made firm spines out of clay and bone

He played their game

Out gained

And create sustainable life

So the enemy didn't think he was right

Died alone, far from a loner

He had a nation on his back

He was a homer

Made sure black excellence was from

The one and only