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I Am

I am called on, so I answer

While present, I'm absent of all fear

I am loyal

I am power

I am minutes, seconds, and hours

Her me howl my HUM

Bridging life and death on my tongue, correcting my priors

I am tomorrow

I am the heave and the gasp

I am anticipation

I am what's taken and never borrowed

Who only barters with Barons and Martyrs

There's no middle in my class, just extremes from right to left

I am what lies between the margins

What hides in plain sight and will excite all of your being, once you see it

I am reason

I am humbled

I am man who can't begin to understand what succumbs him

But what I am is A.M,

When you wake, I rise

My eyes locked into your power

Raise me

I am man, boy, and baby

I am sun,

My glow is radiating

I am son

My curiosity inflating

I am an empty shell, begging to inhale your breath

I am the best

Weighted on my own scale

I am fire,


Brimstone and thorns, my throne sits above a city skyline

Casting flaming showers

I am whatever your mind can't fathom

Visionary or rebel

I am



I am the beat of creation

I am cosmic vibration

I am sapphire, ruby, crystal, diamond, jewelry

I am a voice for the judge so I'm gavel like in my movement

I am, so I am

Infinite in space, direct in pace, perfect in position

I am a target

I was broken

Now I'm hardened

I am victory

I will not be pardoned

I am you

I am useful

I am youth

I am a seeker of threesomes with wisdom and knowledge

I am lost

I am guidance, constantly moving forward four ways in motion

I am orbit

I am oceans

I am focus

I know exactly who I am