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Manifesto Part 3 (Change)

My job is to pull out what you think you are and reveal what you actually know

No more lies, no longer blind, glory must be sought after

Here in the final chapter,

A sinner who seeks more

Slumped in stature, I come to you in my final form

Still far from pure or poor, I'll pour all of my purpose into you

Freedom is to be human, through balance; no movement

I offer a rebirth for you

Here in my fire

Now walk through and burn till you boil

Then drown in the waters and dry out in orbit

Search the four corners

You won't find an order where creation is not creating

But your strengths are still valued as part of the pathing

Seek up and out and anoint it

Breathe... absorb it

It's no longer optional, but personal

I need someone as strong as you

Bullet proof, I know it's true, I see the proof

After every strike you still stand

You should patent your stance

You own it and I'll be damned, there's no breaking you

I see why tru high created you

Silk smooth skin you ooze out warmth and invite the out with what's in

You vibrate and you "bend"

what's deemed magic is your energy and it's magnetic

Your gaze will shadow over what's dark,

you'll produce salt with the thumps of your heart

Absent of sweet because like breath,

It comes easy to you

No how to or gimmicks, all you need to do is admit it

As I shift words and shape out a mirror

Grab focus start staring

Use this Fuel for ignition,


I smile from a distance as I see you finally seeing you