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The vibrations of its rhythm rang towards me, then sang to me.

It started taming me, then transferred me.

In the middle of the floor is where I approached its boldness.

Vaguely, I remember the words.

How vividly I recall the motions.

In its sway, I heard motives

And in that moment, I was open.


Sipping every bit of passing potions.

We run past precautions

As our passion now boosted.

Beats match, hearts both booming.

We are pull into each other.


Forming lasting bonds through temporary dances.

We are tribal.

Our hands raised, high palms, wide as a sign of survival.

We made it through another week of trials and triumphed.

So tonight, we go wild.

It's prime time to become primal.


Now live off instinct.

Our darkness holds no judgement.

So be free.

Who cares what the norm thinks.

The horns will be our repetitive warning that we all

Will be here until morning.

So join us!