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Manifesto Part 2 (Freedom)

When in doubt, I grab space and speak from what's within,

Then re-enter the motion state in self-assurance.

I feel myself when I write

And when life goes left,

I step out then back to visualize what's left.

Then in the blank, I project what will be next.

I fill myself when I write.

Every night, I agitate the waters

To wake up the rivers of wisdom.

Waves rush to its own system,

Flowing through each vein, combining them,

Forming what seems to be one enchanted ocean.

While in rest,

My whole body starts floating, spine firm in its focus.

Conducting electricity, pumping in vibrations of confidence

While the physical acts as energy's accomplice.

Adrenaline kicks in,

Heart beat booming all consciousness.

But condescending thoughts will still tear apart where our mind exists.

The flesh wants what it wants

And the mind's job is to provide options for satisfaction.

We've been taught to think before actions

Cancelling our other 6 senses,

Indulging in what's dominated by negatives.

Immense thought provides keys to destruction and distractions.

I want us to be freed through feeling, embodying our spirit's will.

But we can't live off instinct until we live through the right intentions.

So we repeat patterns until we complete every lesson,

While at the same time, pushing forward ones we perfected.

So now, Son listen.


A daily battle that betters on land.

Let your toes succumb to the dirt while your hands be filled up with sand.

Bath in the sun to reset your battery,

Then go to battle with all your personal enemies.

In full faith, let will and fate mate.

Don't think of the outcome, but fight alongside serenity.

Conquer and absorb that energy.

Turn those skeletons to Caspers,

And exercise them out your vicinity.

You will reset to zero.

Then unplug until the moon morphs into the sun, long enough to form creation.

Then you will find me at our last location.