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Manifesto Part 1 (Belief)

I was born to breed and to cut the seams on niggas.

To unleash the leech.

Our competitors leaked into our ears and eyes to suck out our soul and pride.

To pry their wants and why's into our lives.

I have been created to rip out centuries of lies my niggas have accepted as life.

Lies raised by false imperials, persistent with their purpose for us to mimic them.

So our mirrors bend images,

Only relaying messages inserted by those who transgressed against us.

To control a game they invented.


My niggas accepted "what is" as law, with no room for more.

My ticking time bomb is ready to explode.

A minute and a half away from Normandy '44.

I arrived just in time

With this leaded blade of mine. I am snipes.

All glory in my black, sent back from Michael in a beam of light.

To cleanse, purify, and excite my niggas.

To bring back that fight in niggas.

To reunite Nat with niggas, take this country and turn her over to her rightful owners.

My instructions were to become an omen to those who owned men, and now owe them.

Through vision, create new fortunes.

Over Forbes list.

Open doors that once seemed dormant.

To shape shift this prison into palace.

I came here to teach expansion.

To fill what's left of what I dissect with logic and facts,

So the enemy can't mislead us down another path of violence.

From Y up to X, I'll stitch us back in perfect alignment

With needle and thread dripping confidence and timing.

Join my culture uprising through free expression art and enlightenment.

With each victory, we get a finger ripped off their Titian's grip.

Drink this juice and let your spirits loose.

Finally found that spiritual to open up that miracle right here in front of you.

Savagely appropriating the strong hold held on by a noose.

Now use these bloody hands if you need proof.

I can show you how to walk different, my nigga.

Think bigger,

Above academics

Colliding with what's destined

Through anesthetics.

Kaleidoscoping towards a clearer picture.

I'll help you hawk the gaps on ya dream's mentality.

Then take that energy and manifest something you can actually see.

Aye, you believe in me B?

See its power in learning discipline.

Exciting fanatics, gravitating Heaven inside of a jungle's den.

Quality is what we bind our faith with.

It's very humbling.

The fix for the broken bridge of quantity you mixed your shuffle in.

I peeped you shoveling a deeper grave.

I know you need help finding ya path.

Honestly, it's simple math.

I can help rip that lion out of ya chest,

That lying out of your set.

Reset your standards,

Have you yelling Khalid adlibs,

Believing you are a shining success.


What gift is greater than that?

This is what I'll provide for you.

Stretch your thoughts out and see how far you can get.

Imma always ride for you

In a life where you are the time you invest.

Belief is the first and last step.

Follow me.

Freedom is what will come next.