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Last night I put the devil on a treadmill

Today I poured a bottle of D'usse down the toilet before me and my mans could absorb it

Saw his soul short circuit it must of hurt him/he asked me

"Why you just lush 250 down for no reason?"

Nigga, I said last night I put the devil on a treadmill

I started exercising my demons

It wasn't 'til then I realized that these men I spent most of my time with were blinding,

False prophets who lived off the promise of security through comfortability,

Rarely even taking chances unless their eyes was glossed over from enhancements

Watched "Joe Shmoe" turn big on campus

But all over his Canvas I could see through abstract accidents

Lies started to form patterns

Truths reveled right where he standing

I couldn't stand it

That was never real to me

But damn! The 4 of us made a fantastic fantasy team

My struggle with reality made that situation exactly what I needed

Chapo.. Pablo.. Nino.. Urban legends/ I started to believe it

It made sense when I checked the ledger

That November... 3 of my cousins were introduced to the power of a bullet

First 2 ate it

The 3rd was wise enough to pull it

I searched through pulpits for the answer I was seeking

But it all seemed like bullshit; Reaches

What they were supposed to say.. with empty meanings

'Cause they never been through this type of season

Where the sea's currents crashed into each other with violent anger

And trouble flying at you from all different angles

Just to throw you off your purpose

So, I decided to lie in yawl's lies

'Cause I was grieving... or purpin'

It was easier to pretend it was sunny and that life was perfect

Than to accept that this was the fallout from all the work I put in

I wasn't man enough to admit that I forgot my motives

Clear path straight ahead, skurt left, take the scenic

Hard headed, maybe

But really I just wanted to see it

Was tired of the 3rd degree

Whatever outcome it may be, I just wanted to lead it

I bought into my own genius

It was decent

See me always underachieving

The chiefs I came under would be disappointed if they had the chance to see me

This false sense of "boss" wasn't a lie but highly misleading

I didn't release my spirit bomb, I just conjured up more demons; Oujia

Constructed a playground out of boredom

It bordered the 7 Gates of Torment where tourists never wanted to leave me

It was easy

My possession by addictions gave them a sense of freedom

Well, now I cut the cord. I wonder if they still breathin'?

Haven't seen them

Last night I made the devil leg-lift with leg weights

If I see him now, I bet he'd say "I hate leg day!"

...Oh, there's a mirror in my house.