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Flower shape war wounds

I was drop behind enemy lines

Now I'm Lt. Chris Burnett with less of a shine

trying to find my way outside these trenches

Odds stack against me because of the way my skin was painted

My mutation... is picture perfect ain't it?

Orlando Bowen, black in a snap they won't hesitate to frame it

What a shame now I'm shade shaking like I'm scared of the dark

As I open my heart to show you

I'm not who should scare you at night when you walk

But still I crawl

Hoodie on as I hide in the shadows

Ashamed of my perceived mutation

And the place it lands me on the ladders of powers

I look up

deep breath

Ok, I'm ready for battle

My mutation Luke Cages my skin, allowing me to absorb hate showers

But still I'm worn down like tires

I tried to fall in line... I'm tired

These wounds seem to multiply when I'm silent

So no, I will not sit down nor remain humble

I'm a star, studded with lack of opportunity and trials