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Lazy Anger Poem

I've found the meaning of life

It didn't take long

I ain't have to look hard, just took one bus straight to 17th and broad

Meditated on the words of Saul Williams and Paul Dunbar

Until I

Started seeing numbers instead of stars

Through skin pass scars

Witness beeping colors instead of hearts

Until I

Studied, comprehend and pass on every single thought

Until each

Individual letter wrapped around my skull, formed new poems, turning my mind into its own


Destructive piece of art

Until I

Was able to answer my own questions on how to cut my own section Out of Americas Shrinking pie

Long story short, I just followed the study guide

Then walked outside

Looked the first white man I saw square in the eyes and said

"You can't hide shit from me sir"

That game you think you bout to play

I know how it goes

So you might as well go rip your script

This shit is fixed

And for once I'm coming out on top

Now of course this poor civilian had no idea what I was talking about, so to make himself feel "comfortable"

He gave me a dollar. And said God bless

Before I knew it... I was in a nigga moment.

My inner voice zapping

"Ohhh! my nigga ohhh! dead ass, he better thank God I just read about them poets b..."

still not sure why my inner voice is a New Yorker


I just nodded and kept going

With my

New found focus

My singular purpose

I began to analyze what surrounded me

And the best way to describe what I saw was

A south Philly setup

Whatever "It" they chased that once seemed promising and bright

Morphed into the black hole that allowed their days to succumb to their nights

With one impulsive turn around the wrong corner


Are tattooed by red beams


Immortalized on tees

Heavy smoke now fills a once bright scene

And from the ashes rising

Nightmares that reality brings

As they stay stuck in this trap, waiting for the Phoenix to finally spread its wings

Waiting for the same to never be the same

Just waiting

With no will to again attempt a change

Do you

Do get what I mean?

Naw like really, have you already seen what I now see?

If so, than tell me

Tell me my nigga

How the fuck do you go on pretending this grass is green?

Like Blood ain't still on the leaves?

Like papa ain't hang from those trees

Those Trees, they use to build coffins instead of books for future a me to read


How do you convince yourself that holding signs

And, marching in the damn street

Gonna actually bring results we need?

When they laughing at us on plush seats hand on button waiting for us to test our own reach

These "white" mother fuckers lazy bro

American in 2017

Just high def reruns of their favorite 80s scenes

Incite these riots

Insert new drug

Kill a couple blacks....

Fuck it just cuz

While electing an entertainer to lead

And that's how you achieve


Population control hidden under words like

"Cleaning up the streets"

All built on our willingness to fall in line with their scheme

But everyone you know "Woke" right?