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Eye of the well

I been fighting flaws for years without knowing I'm responsible for my culture growing

When success comes our way just know to y'all I owe it

These prayers are more than poems but liked minds

Came in to my life at the right time

On my way to make a million my passion for passing verbal lessons evolved into a lifeline

Provided guidelines to illuminate my city shine in the darkest hour of night's time

7 o'clock revives my heart and pries open my eyes

I come alive at prime time as the world watches my doctrine from the edge of high rise

Life's a slippery slope but my three eyes see beyond common trails

New realms balancing what was and will be on a small beam

Tree of Life reach extending from a bean

This creator's hair often compared to past women's Rutgers team

Absorbing all ignorance that my viewers bring

Bridging a sense of purity to their lives so they can once again feel like queens and kings