March 17, 2018

That we have in common is synonyms

Sipping these sentences, leads to our sentencing

Anything better than this been the medicine

Cure for the wellness to keep us in the dark

Free from our cage while the sedatives are setting in.

What's birthed by the mind is released from the heart

March 17, 2018

I belong to the ones created for battle

Because on the frontline, my ego blows bigger

I claim victory when evil appears

Sweeter than pears

There ain't no putting fear in me


I gotta believe

The enemies are fearing me

I fought bears,


Have no scars, No smears

I've cleared galaxies that only know time as nursery rhymes

In a flowing motion that comes of erratic

Learned songs from every planet

I've passed all my trails once I planned it

No panic

I know I'm forgiven

I've put my life on...

March 17, 2018

"I'm a shark on land, I'm dying to eat

The ones who ain't bout it, they die in the streets

Blood on cement, its dye in the streets

Cops do a sweep, they diet the streets

The thrill of the hunt still inspires me"

True to the codes, so how can I let my soul bleed

Watching the soul of a brother swim in this pungent puddle of unawareness

No weapon, no motive

Just staring

His eyes wide

Warmed my sight

I know for certain he looked his killer in his eyes

And since now every bullet is being drai...

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March 17, 2018

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