December 27, 2017

When in doubt, I grab space and speak from what's within,

Then re-enter the motion state in self-assurance.

I feel myself when I write

And when life goes left,

I step out then back to visualize what's left.

Then in the blank, I project what will be next.

I fill myself when I write.

Every night, I agitate the waters

To wake up the rivers of wisdom.

Waves rush to its own system,

Flowing through each vein, combining them,

Forming what seems to be one enchanted ocean.

While in rest,

My whole...

December 27, 2017

I was born to breed and to cut the seams on niggas.

To unleash the leech.

Our competitors leaked into our ears and eyes to suck out our soul and pride.

To pry their wants and why's into our lives.

I have been created to rip out centuries of lies my niggas have accepted as life.

Lies raised by false imperials, persistent with their purpose for us to mimic them.

So our mirrors bend images,

Only relaying messages inserted by those who transgressed against us.

To control a game they inve...

December 27, 2017

The vibrations of its rhythm rang towards me, then sang to me.

It started taming me, then transferred me.

In the middle of the floor is where I approached its boldness.

Vaguely, I remember the words.

How vividly I recall the motions.

In its sway, I heard motives

And in that moment, I was open.


Sipping every bit of passing potions.

We run past precautions

As our passion now boosted.

Beats match, hearts both booming.

We are pull into each other.


Forming lasting bonds throu...

December 16, 2017

Last night I put the devil on a treadmill

Today I poured a bottle of D'usse down the toilet before me and my mans could absorb it

Saw his soul short circuit it must of hurt him/he asked me

"Why you just lush 250 down for no reason?"

Nigga, I said last night I put the devil on a treadmill

I started exercising my demons

It wasn't 'til then I realized that these men I spent most of my time with were blinding,

False prophets who lived off the promise of security through comfortability,


December 15, 2017

I was drop behind enemy lines

Now I'm Lt. Chris Burnett with less of a shine

trying to find my way outside these trenches

Odds stack against me because of the way my skin was painted

My mutation... is picture perfect ain't it?

Orlando Bowen, black in a snap they won't hesitate to frame it

What a shame now I'm shade shaking like I'm scared of the dark

As I open my heart to show you

I'm not who should scare you at night when you walk

But still I crawl

Hoodie on as I hide in the shadows


December 15, 2017

Focus on the pattern

Girl watches mother beg father to stay, father leaves mother

Father comes back with a bag of lies that mother buys

Girl learns new norm

Focus on the pattern

Girl finds boy, boy promise to love her forever

Forever last for a couple of mins, he breaks the lock to get to her treasure and runs off like a bandit

Abandoning his word he soon drowns in guilt

While girl is left to melt leaving only a shell of herself

So she starts selling herself

Focus on the pattern

December 15, 2017

I have hand picked you to fill your life and substance inside of my empty shell

I am a man whose been chosen

And who's choosing to be lead

In realization that my knowledge is limited but my power sees no end.

Guide me

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