November 29, 2017

I've found the meaning of life

It didn't take long

I ain't have to look hard, just took one bus straight to 17th and broad

Meditated on the words of Saul Williams and Paul Dunbar

Until I

Started seeing numbers instead of stars

Through skin pass scars

Witness beeping colors instead of hearts

Until I

Studied, comprehend and pass on every single thought

Until each

Individual letter wrapped around my skull, formed new poems, turning my mind into its own


Destructive piece of art


November 29, 2017

Fed up with reality I fell into the arms of a goddess

She... formulated her heavens out of perfect timing

A new galaxy under her angelic skyline


A beautiful figure in lined with the mind of Vinci

Drew blue prints to engineer my redemption from the depths of deaths grip

One right kiss was the medication needed for a blues heart color correction

And it humbled me

November 27, 2017

I looked into the mirror and I lied to myself

try to fix everyone's problems so I can hide from myself

forgive me when I tell you I see me and all your faces

i didn't come up here to act like we're related

but your eyes are gateways to the blue pill that lead me into the matrix

now I get to really see

all the pain I hoard in

no wonder I haven't reach paradise

too much baggage for me to begin boarding

I have to fix some shit

I have a manic need to build y'all up so y'all can feel equal


November 27, 2017

I been fighting flaws for years without knowing I'm responsible for my culture growing

When success comes our way just know to y'all I owe it

These prayers are more than poems but liked minds

Came in to my life at the right time

On my way to make a million my passion for passing verbal lessons evolved into a lifeline

Provided guidelines to illuminate my city shine in the darkest hour of night's time

7 o'clock revives my heart and pries open my eyes

I come alive at prime time as the...

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March 17, 2018

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