Blake Melvin AKA The Show is a traveling spoken word artist from the West Philadelphia area. Blake is the perfect balance of nature's good and nurture's evil. He uses his "stew" (poetry with multiple ingredients to create substance) to personally help him separate the two, while becoming the freedom his audience is seeking. Blake uniquely blends conversational prose and hip hop cadences with a one man show stage presence, seemingly capturing the audience's love and attention. A featured poet, self published author, #freethinker, and a #rawartist, Blake is one to keep an eye on in this new class of emerging poets.

Steven Jerome Holiday-Wilson, Jr.; better known as the mononym Babby, is an American singer and songwriter. Raised as a devout Pentecostal, Babby would often be called to lead ceremonial songs and various houses of worship. During this time, Babby took on many aliases in an endeavor to hide his musical ambitions from elders that if known by the clergy would have condemned his efforts. Galvanized by Jazz and Classical giants like Nina Simone and Rachmaninov, Babby blends the symphonic worlds of the baroque with the tangible avant sounds of electronic music. Babby's forthcoming demo, titled 'Pleasure', is a musical and literary work centered on themes of love and metaphorical masochism.


Alex Farr is a nonbinary,  multidisciplinary artist based in Philly, singing sad songs and lullabies.


"I am passionate about art that moves its audience to be better to themselves and each other, art of love and reverence, art of conflict, art that is expressly aware of the ways in which popular culture passively and actively consumes blackness. I ceaselessly aim to explode the idea of a monolithic black identity in favor of a more fluid, imperfect, colorful understanding of self, love, queerness, and queer blackness."


This singing, dancing, singing, joke telling 29 year old Central Ohio native, is a one man powerhouse rolled into one very tall package. His passion for music resonates through a smokey, smooth and soulful texture. With a professional background in Concert Dance you can feel the ballet-esque grace of his voice as it tests the boundaries of art and skill. Lemar accredits his gift, and accepts himself as a vessel to care and share. He hopes for spiritual movement to ignite as listeners take on the experience. He plans to bless Nations with his talent, and can't wait to share it with you.

Taking time to work on her trauma and mental health, Shelia has discovered she is on her path to finding her purpose. Philly native at 23 has shortly learned creativity seems to be leading the way. With a passion for visual arts and photography, Shelia has developed her brand, Thee Overthinker. With a focus on promoting the message "where trauma meets art" & "art > trauma" she is embracing her pain and letting her expression be through visual arts. Shelia is nothing less than a free spirit with organized plan, in hopes of providing resources for others to create as well as on mental health and using her style and creativity to leave her mark and tell her story.

S. dott
Neerali Patel

Neerali Patel is a poet/spoken word artist based out of Philly. Her work covers topics ranging from immigrant struggle to female/South Asian identity, from love to loss in its many forms. Her work is guided above all by a strong belief in the power of expression; expression that feels right to the creator, that exists outside of conventional poetic structure and spaces, expression that is shared with the world before it is perfected.


uglystephen is writer, poet, creative from south jersey. What started as a coping mechanism to navigate through foggy and difficult times became an addiction, dependency, and tool for survival. Believing that we all suffer from "ugly" truths; insecurities, hardship, inner demons, Stephen found that his best writing, better yet, his best self, has come from owning these entities. Transparency and vulnerability are two of his biggest tools in writing, and he tries to use them as a way of connecting with himself and those who read and listen to his work.